We are a Whole Body Energy Enhancement Center in Sarasota that is an entirely new concept in wellness.

sarasota health and wellness

In the core of the center is a room with 16 reclining chairs set up with Energy Enhancement System technology which creates standing scalar waveforms which transforms the space into a powerfully positive vibrational environment which energizes the entire body and allows it to heal itself naturally.

In addition to the ability to visit our scalar wave environment, Rejuvenations promotes a simple protocol for a healthy life. This includes products to care for the body at home therefore offering a whole body solution to wellness.

At Rejuvenations Energy Enhancement Center we are dedicated to helping people become and stay healthy by offering the best products we can find and enhancing them further in our Energy Enhancement System. We also feel that this can be done affordably and simply. That is why we are dedicated to our 5-point protocol for staying healthy. The 5 points are:

  1. Visit Rejuvenations Center Sarasota at least 2-3 times a week to keep your body energized, rested and releasing toxins.
  2. Drink at least 48 oz of Aquaessence, our energy enhanced biocompatible water to keep the body hydrated with living water and to flush out toxins
  3. Take Dr. Druckers Liquid 100% Organic IntrMax daily to provide all the body's essential vitamins and minerals.
  4. Get at least 20 min of exercise daily such as walking, biking, swimming, running etc
  5. Eat healthy food such as organic fruits, grains and vegetables while avoiding processed foods.
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